Lukas Kajiwara

ATPL, Multi-Engine Rating, Group 1 Instrument Rating, Class III Flight Instructor –

I have flown a variety of single and twin piston aircraft in northwestern Ontario for 10 years. Starting out as an intern instructor at Confederation College, I moved on to fly float planes in the Wabikimi area for several years. I then joined KBM to explore the diverse and challenging aspects of aerial survey and photography. Having the chance to offer flight training in all aspects, including introducing new aviators to the sensations of flight, is especially rewarding. I look forward to every learning opportunity both for my students and for myself!

Brad Kirkham

CPL, Multi-Engine Rating, Group 1 Instrument Rating, Class IV Flight Instructor

Dan Link

CPL, Multi-Engine Rating, Group 3 Instrument Rating, Class III Flight Instructor –

Before starting my flying career, I earned a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University. Shortly after finishing my B. Eng., I started flight training at Confederation College where I eventually worked as a Flight Instructor for nearly two years. Now with KBM, I enjoy the challenges and experiences involved in flying surveys and charters all across Canada.  Flight Instructing is always a joy for me, and it’s rewarding to bring the lessons and experiences I’ve learned abroad to the flight training environment.