What We Offer

KBM Aviation’s Flight Training Unit prepares students to exceed Transport Canada standards and provide additional insight to help them start working in the industry.  Training around Thunder Bay gives students the opportunity to develop skills relating to operating around busy control zones, as well as the surrounding uncontrolled areas of Northwestern Ontario.  Access to a low-density training environment ensures maximum training efficiency. KBM offers superior training to any aspiring pilots and experienced pilots who are acquiring new skills and ratings.

KBM offers training for:

  • Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Instrument Rating (Group 1 & 3)
  • Flight Reviews for license currency

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Training Rates

Discovery Flight – $185 + tax

C172 – $205/hr + tax

PA-30 – $515/hr + tax

Instructor (Basic Flight Training*) – $85/hr + tax

Instructor (Advanced Flight Training**) – $95/hr + tax


Note: All aircraft rental rates are wet (include fuel). Rates effective September 1, 2023.


*Basic Flight Training includes: Recreational Pilot Permit, Private Pilot License, and Night Rating.

**Advanced Flight Training Includes: Multi-Engine Rating, Group 1 & 3 Instrument Rating, and Flight Training in student owned aircraft.

How to Get Started FAQs

1.  How long will it take me to get my Private Pilot’s License?

Flight Training at KBM Aviation is conducted at your own pace. However, flying often is the best way to reach your goals in a timely manner. It is also less expensive to complete your training because knowledge/skills begin to lapse with large breaks in training.

We recommend that students approach their flight training with the same dedication as they would any other course of study (college, university, etc.). Ideally, a student will fly 5 days a week (weather permitting) and study theoretical subjects during the times of the day when not flying.

If students are committed to fly 3-5 times per week and spend 10-20h/week studying Ground School, it is possible to get a Private Pilot’s License within 2-3 months and about 50-60h total flight time. For most students, less regular training results in longer training times and higher cost.


2.  Do I need to enroll in a Ground School class?

Ground school covers the theoretical aspects of learning to fly. During ground school, a student will learn air law, meteorology, aerodynamics, human factors, aircraft systems, etc. For a Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) there is no requirement to take a Ground School class. For a Private Pilot License (PPL) you are required to have a minimum of 40h of Private Pilot Ground School training.

For both an RPP and a PPL you will be required to pass a written exam. For that reason we recommend taking a Private Pilot Ground School course because the material is similar for both written exams. For the RPP student, this also gives you the flexibility of working towards your PPL instead if you change your mind part way through your RPP training. Similarly, the PPL Ground School will still be valid in the future if you want to pursue a PPL at a later date.

Due to Covid, ground school is only available through online learning at this time.


3.  If you start your training on one type (C150 or C172), do you have to finish training on the same type?

Consistency is key, especially early on in your training. However, it is possible to switch types or try the other one out for a flight or two throughout your training. And at times this can be beneficial. Flying different aircraft can make you more sensitive and aware of the differences in handling characteristics. Factors like gross weight, centre of gravity, and flight control loading are difficult to get a feel for if you fly the same type constantly.


4.  What can I log as dual flight time in my logbook?

Any flight with a licensed flight instructor for the purposes of flight training towards a license or rating can be logged as dual flight time in your pilot logbook.


5.  Do I need to buy my own headset?

KBM Aviation does not have any headsets available to rent. For hygiene reasons, as well as personal comfort, we recommend you purchase your own headset. Headsets vary in functionality and size/fit, so finding one that is comfortable for you is important in maintaining safety and situational awareness in the cockpit.