Based out of Thunder Bay’s airport, KBM Aviation is comprised of a fleet of eight fixed-wing aircraft. We hold a Transport Canada Commercial Operators Certificate licensed for Aerial Work, Air Taxi and Flight Training Operations. KBM’s flight crews are trained and experienced in specialty flight operations across Canada including remote access, low level survey, float plane operations, and high-density airspace operations.

All survey aircraft have been chosen specifically for aerial photography and modified accordingly. KBM’s survey aircraft offer a stable, efficient, and reliable platform for aerial photo capture. Experienced crews have a very thorough understanding of photogrammetry and the importance of ensuring that the data is collected according to prescribed flight parameters.

Safety is culture at KBM Aviation and is engrained in all aspects of our operations, from training, to maintenance, to equipment selection. KBM’s dedication to safe operations is reflected as we celebrate over 12 years incident-free operation. Our 7,500 sq ft hangar is used to stage operations planning, custom configure survey aircraft, operate our flight training unit, maintain our fleet, and train our staff. KBM holds a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) license. We maintain our fleet in-house, which allows for full maintenance control and ensuring all aircraft are maintained to the highest standards. In-house maintenance ensures rapid response and dedicated resources in the event of unplanned maintenance or repairs.